The Art of the Search

Our mission is to help our clients build powerful management teams by understanding their culture and opportunities. While each search is unique to itself, there is a basic process that, when followed and combined with our intuitive skills, will ensure a successful and timely completion of the project.

The Art of the Search
The Art of the Search at BZA SEARCH

BZA SEARCH in Broad Strokes:

  • BZA SEARCH conducts in-depth interviews with key members of the "jury" and other individuals who will interface with the successful candidate. This "consultative" approach seeks to develop a partnership with you, our client.
  • BZA SEARCH prepares a draft of the specifications which will become the working documents to develop our mutual understanding of the responsibilities and requirements of the position.
  • Concurrently, research will begin to develop comprehensive information on target companies and key individuals who will be contacted as sources, along with individuals from our own extensive database. BZA SEARCH's tireless research methodology helps our client-partners build high-performance management teams by uncovering and attracting highly desirable individuals. A principal/researcher team stay with a search until completion.
  • The BZA SEARCH team will begin contacting individuals and conducting telephone screens. After initially qualifying candidates and determining their interest in the position, in-depth interviews along with initial reference-checking will be conducted.
  • Of the candidates interviewed, only those that are judged to be well-qualified will be presented to the client via a written profile that will detail both technical qualifications and professional experience, as well as our assessment of the individual's style and "fit" with the client organization.
  • After the client reviews the written profiles, if appropriate we will make all arrangements for interviews between the client and candidates. If the nature of the search is such, the identity the client will not be revealed to the candidate until this time.
  • Once the client has selected the candidate that best fits the organization and the candidate expresses continued interest in the position, BZA SEARCH will conduct additional detailed reference checks. Individuals who have worked closely with the candidates in supervisory, peer and subordinate relationships will be contacted to give their insights as to style, integrity, technical qualifications and leadership abilities of the candidates.
  • Utilizing our extensive background in compensation issues, we will work closely with the client to assist them in structuring a "package" designed to attract the candidate. BZA SEARCH will also conduct negotiations with the candidate until an agreement is reached.
  • As an added service, we will remain in contact with the successful candidate and the client in order to assist with the transition process and cultural adjustment.
  • BZA SEARCH has a core value of creating a virtual office concept to drive our executive search business. Our on-line information capabilities are always being refined and taken to the next level of quality. Investment in the improvement of our "virtual office" environment is our culture.

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