Executive Search Success: Every business week, hundreds of executive search firms present thousands of candidates for key management positions as being the impact players their clients are paying them to find. But why is it, in so many cases, not even the executive search firm can tell the difference between the true impact player, and the pretender, the good "fit" from the bad?

The Intuitive Touch at BZA SEARCH
The Intuitive Touch at BZA SEARCH

The Art of the Search at BZA SEARCH: It is our firm belief that executive search is as much a function of intuition - what we call "the Art of the Search"- as it is of science.  Because as important as it is to read everything there is about a candidate on the printed page, you also need to read between the lines to know about the person. As a result, we make it our business to get to know, not only the candidates themselves, but also their families and all the other key elements of the support system that, in many ways, governs their career attitudes, motivations and effectiveness.
We leave no stone unturned. That in essence, describes both the philosophy and methodology of BZA SEARCH in executive search. How confident are we that it will work for you? Confident enough to make collecting the lion's share of our fee totally dependent on your satisfaction. As such, our fee is divided into three separate increments, which we earn one way and one way only: by performing to your complete satisfaction!
It's a matter of principal(s) at BZA SEARCH. Satisfying our clients also means restricting our own growth in terms of size. Bigger isn't always better. In fact, in executive search, we contend it never is! For example, with so many "client blocks" to contend with on any given search, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, for the larger firms to deliver the best executive to their clients. Also, BZA SEARCH's controlled structure enables our partners to take a firm, hands-on approach in every phase of every search. As a result, the mechanics of the search - sourcing, research, interviewing, and reference checking - are all expertly managed; as is the most critical aspect of the search: The intuitive side. This is truly the "Art of the Search."
A cut above the rest- BZA SEARCH are Masters of the Art of the Search and the best choice you can make for your own company's executive search needs.

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